Disburse Payroll

Disburse Payroll

There are different ways how a Payroll can be disbursed to your employees. It can be released through the following methods:
  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Major Local Bank
  4. SALPay

Cash and Cheque Disbursements

For Cash and Cheque payments, you may download the Payroll Register to have an easier reference of each employee's Net Pay.

1. Open the Payroll you are to disburse and under the Disbursement Summary field, click on the details button across the payment methods Cash/Cheque.

2. The list of employees together with their respective net pays will be displayed.

You may also download the payroll register for easier reference when you are preparing the cash or cheques.

Bank Disbursement

 For Bank Disbursements, the payroll has to be closed first before you can download the Bank File and Advise to be sent to your partner bank.

1. Open the Payroll you are to disburse and under the Disbursement Summary field, there are 3 buttons across the name of your transacting bank.

2. To download the files, Click on the Bank Advise and Bank File buttons.

You have to forward these downloaded files to your transacting bank for the payroll to be disbursed to your employees' payroll accounts. 

SALPay Disbursement

For SALPay disbursements, Pre-funding through SALPay for Business is an essential step before running the disbursement. The payroll has to be closed as well to initiate the disbursement. Lastly, ONLY the SALPay Integration Administrator will have the capability to initiate the disbursement.

1. View the payroll you are about to disburse. Under the Disbursement Summary, you will find the Disburse button.

Non-SALPay Integration Administrators are not allowed to trigger the disburse button. Only the disburse button is enabled for SALPay Integration Administrators.

2. Upon clicking on Disburse, the summary of the Net Pays will appear for validation. To initiate the disbursement, click on the Disburse Salaries button. You will also need to provide the OTP to finalize the disbursement.

The admin who initiated the disbursement will receive the One-Time-Pin through the mobile number registered to his/her SALPay Account.
3. After clicking on Confirm, Salarium and SALPay will start disbursing the payroll.

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