Your employees can submit Overtime Requests through the Employee Self Service portal.

They will need to click the Overtime button on the left hand side of the page to go to the Overtime Request page.

They will then need to click Add Overtime Request to pull up the Add Overtime Request form.


They will need to enter the details of their Overtime Request and include a reason as to why they need to work overtime.  They will then need to click Submit.

Note: Your employees can apply for both pre- and post-shift OT.

If they would like to add a note to their Overtime Request, they will need to click View Approvers>View Notes>Add Note.

They will need to enter their note in the Add Note box and click Leave a Note to send the note to their approver.

They can also view notes from their Approver on this page.

The overtime request will to be sent to their Overtime Approval Group for approval.  Their approver will receive an email notification of their overtime request. If their request is approved, they will receive an email notification.

They will also receive an email notification if their request is rejected.

They can check their Attendance page the following day or at the end of their shift to ensure the appropriate overtime hours were credited.

They can also cancel their approved OT requests.

They can hover their mouse at the right side of the request saying Approved and click Cancel Approved.

A success message will appear to confirm cancellation of the approved OT request. The status of the OT request will also show Cancelled.