To make edits to their Hours Worked, your employees will need to log in to their Employee Self Service portals and click Hours Worked on the left hand side of the page.

They will then need to click the day they would like to edit their Hours Worked record for.

The Hours Worked Details box will pop up.  They will need to click Edit.  

The Edit Hours section will appear.  They will need to make the necessary edits to their Hours Worked, and then click Save & Submit.

The Hours Worked Detail box will show the new hours that were reported, as well as the old hours that were previously approved.  If the edit has not yet been approved, the approval status of the edit will also be visible. If your employee has multiple Hours Worked approvers, they will see which Approver their request is with.

They can also click Message to send messages to their Approver regarding why they are making edits, and can view messages from their Approver here.

Their Approver will receive an email from Salarium letting them know that there is a request from your employee for their approval.  Your employee will receive an email notification when their request has been approved or rejected.

Your employee can also see the status of their Hours Worked edit request in the Hours Worked section.

Once approved, the Computed Attendance section of the Hours Worked Details box for the day will reflect the edit.