Once your employees have been successfully enrolled in the SAL Clock In App, they can now Clock In and Out.  

From the Dashboard, they will need to enter your Employee ID.  Once they have entered their Employee ID, they will need to click OK.

Their profile will pop up and their status, whether clocked in or out, will be determined.  They will need to enter their 4-digit PIN.  This is the PIN that they set when you enrolled them in the app.

Once their PIN is validated, they will receive a success message for clocking out, if clocked in, or clocking in, if clocked out.

If the device is offline, they will need to select whether they’re clocking in or clocking out, as the device has no way to tell without connecting to your Salarium account, which it can’t in offline mode.

Data will be synchronized with your Salarium account when the device goes online.