If you are not required to clock in and out for attendance, you may be required to create and submit Hours Worked instead.  Hours Worked will indicate the number of hours you were clocked in on a particular day.  

Note: To determine your attendance, the system will first check if you have Hours Worked, and if available, will use Hours Worked in attendance calculation.  If you do not have Hours Worked, the system will check to see if you have Time Records.

To create an Hours Worked record, to log in to your Employee Self Service portal and click Hours Worked on the left hand side of the page.  Click the day you would like to submit an Hours Worked record for.

The Hours Worked Details box will pop up.  It will indicate the number of hours you are expected to work for the day in the Expected field.  Click Edit.  The Edit Hours section will appear. Click Add Time.

Select the type of Hours they are adding.  Hours can be Regular, Overtime, Night, or Overtime during Night.  Please note that Overtime, Night and Overtime during Night hours will be paid a premium according to the Day/Hour rates.  

Enter the number of hours for the type you selected.  You can also add a Project to the hours you enter.

Note: Tardiness will only reflect with Time Records.  If you enter Hours Worked lesser than time expected, undertime will reflect with Hours Worked.  Tardiness is never reflected when using Hours Worked

If you would like to add more hour types, or hours attached to a different project, click Add Time and repeat, until all of the hours for your day have been entered.

Note: If you add Hours Worked that are less than your expected Hours Worked, the system will automatically see the difference as Undertime.

You can also click Message to send messages to your Approver regarding the hours, and can view messages from your Approver here.

Click Save & Submit to send the hours to your Approver for approval, or click Save to save the hours as a draft.  Otherwise, click Cancel.

Your Approver will receive an email from Salarium letting them know that there is a request from you for their approval.  You will receive an email notification when your request has been approved or rejected.

If you have multiple Hours Worked approvers, you will see which Approver your request is with in the Hours Worked Details box.

You can also see the status of your Hours Worked request in the Hours Worked section.

Once approved, the Computed Attendance section of the Hours Worked Details box for the day will populate.