After logging in to the SAL Pay app, you will be required to set a passcode for your device.  Enter a 4-digit passcode and hit Enter.

You will receive a confirmation message that your passcode has been set.

The SAL Pay app will lock whenever you switch out of the app, or when the app has been idle for a period of time.

Enter your 4-digit PIN on the lock screen to unlock the SAL Pay app.  You will be led to the section of the app that you were viewing prior to switching out of the app.

If you enter the wrong PIN 3 times in a row, you will receive an error message and you will be logged out from your account. You just have to log back in to access your account using your Salarium credentials.

If you would like to change your passcode, click the icon in the upper left hand side of the screen. Click Change Your Passcode.

Enter your current passcode.

Enter your new passcode.

You will receive a confirmation that your passcode has been changed.