For your employees to file Leave Without Pay, you will need to create an unpaid Leave Type.

Go to Company Setup>Time>Leaves>Add Leave Type. In the Add Leave Type box, set Payable to No. You can also require your employees to submit supporting documents by typing the name of the document in the Required Documents field.  Click Add.

After creating the Leave Without Pay type, you will need to assign the Leave Without Pay type to your employees so they can select it when filing for leave. Go to Employees>Click Employee>Leaves>Add Leave.

Select the Leave Without Pay type and enter the number of hours of leave you want to add to your employee.  If you have determined that the Leave Without Pay type does not require leave credit, the Leave Remaining Hours field will automatically be populated.  Click Add.

After creating the Leave Without Pay type and assigning it to your employees, they can now file for Leave Without Pay in their Employee Self Service portals.  They will need to click Leave on the left hand side of the page.  They will be able to see the leave types available to them, as well as the credits remaining per leave type.

To file for Leave Without Pay, they will need to click Add Leave Request.

The Add Leave Request form will pop up.  They will need to select the Leave Without Pay type, attach a document, if necessary, provide the reason for the leave, enter the leave dates and indicate the leave hours per day.  This will default to 8 hours, but they can change this when filing for less than one full day’s leave.  They will then need to click Save to send the leave request to their Leave Approver.

Note: The fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Both pending and approved leaves will show up on employee's Dashboard Calendar.