After successfully setting up your SAL Pay Corporate Account and your Employees’ SAL Pay Personal Accounts, you can now start disbursing your Employees’ salaries using SAL Pay.

Generate and close payroll, then go to the Payroll Detail page by clicking the payroll that you generated.


On that page, you will see the Disburse button.  Click Disburse.

The Disburse Salaries box will pop up.  This will show a summary of the disbursement, including the total amount disbursed, the current balance in the SAL Pay Corporate Account after disbursement and a list of employees who will receive funds, their SAL Pay Wallet account numbers and the amounts disbursed to them.

Click Disburse Salaries.

You will then be prompted to enter your Salarium account password. Enter your password and click Continue.  For your security, you will need to enter your Salarium account password every time you make a disbursement.

A screen will pop up to let you know that the disbursement is being processed.

Once the disbursement has been completed, you will receive a confirmation message.

Note: You will need enough funds in your account to cover disbursement fees.  These cannot be invoiced to you at a later date and will always be deducted from your account at the time time disbursement is made.

Click OK to go back to the Payroll Details page, and click Details to view the disbursement details.

Under the Status section, you will see that the payroll group has been paid.

Possible errors

When making a disbursement, you may encounter the following errors:

  • Insufficient Funds

You do not have enough funds in your SAL Pay Corporate Account to cover the disbursement.  Load additional funds into your SAL Pay Corporate Account.  For more information on funding your account, click here.

  • Disbursement Failure

If any part of the disbursement fails, an error message will let you know which part of the disbursement failed.   The successful parts of the disbursement will have gone through.