As an admin, you can create Leave Types per your company leave policy.

To create a Leave Type, go to Company setup > Time > Leaves.

Click Add Leave Type.  The Add Leave Type form will pop up. 

Name the Leave Type, then determine if it requires leave credits. 

A Vacation Leave or a Sick Leave might require Leave Credits. This means employees must have credits earned to file for the leave. However, something like emergency leave or out-of-office meetings would not require Leave Credits as the amount of credit for these types of leaves cannot be determined beforehand.

Decide if the Leave Type is payable, and then enter the name of document required for submission for the Leave Type.  When filled out, employees must attach the required document when filing a leave request.  This can be a picture from their phone or a scanned document.

Note: The system cannot automatically determine if the attachment is valid, but it will require the user to upload a document before submitting the leave request. 

Click Add to create the Leave Type.  You will be led back to the Leave Types page. 

After creating the Leave Types you may now assign them to your employees. 

You can also edit and delete Leave Types.

To edit the Leave Type you created, click the Leave Type you want to edit and the Edit Leave Type form will pop up.  Make the necessary edits and click Save.

Admins can delete Leave Types after they have been created.  Leave Types can be deleted one at a time or simultaneously. To delete one at a time, tick the box to the left of the Leave Type and click the Trash button that appears next to the Add Leave Type button.

A warning prompt will pop up.  Click Yes.  Otherwise, click No.

You will be led back to the page and the deleted Leave Type will no longer be visible.  

If you want to delete all Leave Types simultaneously, click the tick box at the first column and a Trash button will appear next to the Add Leave Type button.  All of the boxes will be ticked.  You can untick the boxes for the Leave Types you do not want to delete.  Click the Trash button.

You are now ready to add new Leave Types.