Holidays are fully customizable in Salarium.  You can add holidays, edit holiday dates, edit holiday types, determine dates for movable holidays and delete holidays.  Your holidays and holiday settings will have an impact on employee earnings when payroll is generated.

Access the Holidays page by going to Company Setup>Time>Holidays.

Adding a Holiday

To add a holiday, click Add Holiday on the Holidays page.

The Add Holiday form will pop up. Select the Holiday Type (Regular or Special Holiday), enter the name of the holiday and determine whether it is Fixed or Movable holiday.  You will need to enter a month and day for fixed holidays.

NoteThe holiday type will dictate the rate of earnings the employee will receive if they are entitled to premium holiday pay.  You can check the rates by going to the Day/Hour Rates page.

Editing a Holiday

To edit a holiday, click the Holiday you want to edit and the Edit Holiday form will pop up. Make the necessary changes, then click Update. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Determining dates for Movable Holidays

 A movable holiday is a holiday that does not have a fixed date, but moves from year to year.  Examples would be Good Friday and Chinese New Year.  There are several default movable holidays. To determine the dates for these holidays, clicking the calendar icon in the Dates column.

The holiday details will pop up. Click the “Enter a date to add” field and choose a date for the holiday.  Click Add Date.  Please note that you will need to do this on a yearly basis for movable holidays.

Deleting a holiday

To delete Holidays tick the box of the Holiday you would like to delete and click the Trash button next to the Add Holiday button. You can also select more than one holiday to delete. 

A warning prompt will appear.  

. Otherwise, click Cancel.