To restrict where your employees can clock in and out from on their Employee Self Service portal, you can add a Network Restriction.  Network Restrictions define the IP address where employees can clock in and out from.

Note: Network restrictions will only restrict clock ins and outs from the web bundy.  This does not restrict employees from logging into their Employee Self Service Portal.

To add a network restriction, go to Settings>Time>Time Entry>Restrictions.

Click Add Network Restriction to create the restriction and indicate the IP address through which clock ins and outs can be accepted. Please note that when you add a network restriction, your employees can only clock in and out from that IP address.  If you are unsure about which IP address to add, check with your IT Department.

Note: You can add multiple IP addresses to one restriction, separated by a comma.

After creating the restriction, you can now assign the restriction you created to your employees.

Click Assign Restriction.  You can assign the restriction to Departments, Positions, Ranks or individual Employees.  Select the restriction you created and determine the length of the restriction. 

Note: You cannot set up restrictions on a per-device basis, only your wifi can be restricted. This may cause issues if your IP is dynamic, so it would be best to ask your IT Department if network restrictions will work for you.