The Payment Method tab will allow you add Bank Accounts to your employee, as well as determine how your employee will be paid.

To access an employee’s Payment Method tab, go to Employees>click employee name>Payment Method.

Here, you can determine how an employee will be paid by toggling the Status switch. The payment methods Cash and Check are listed as options by default, and any Bank Accounts you have added to the employee previously will appear here.

Also, you now have the power to add
multiple bank accounts per employee, and the bank is no longer limited to the company’s bank only.  You can then determine which account is active by toggling the Status switch.  

Note: You can only activate employee bank accounts that the company has an account with.  For example, if the employee has accounts at BPI and BDO, you can add both accounts on this page.  However, if the company only has a BPI account, you can only activate the BPI account.