An employee is paid according to his attendance, or whether or not he is clocked in according to his assigned shift. If he does not clock in, or if he is clocked in for only a portion of his shift, payroll will make deductions accordingly.  

You can, however, enter an employee’s attendance without needing the employee to clock in or out.  You can import an employee's attendance.  You can also import either his Hours Worked or his Time Records.

You can also set an employee to Timesheet Not Required.  Employees who are Timesheet Not Required do not need to clock in for work.  Timesheets also do not have to be uploaded for them.  If they are salaried employees, the system will pay them their full salary regardless of their attendance.  If they are waged employees, the system will pay them their hourly or daily rate multiplied by the number of hours or days during the payroll period as dictated by the shift have been assigned to.  

To set an employee to Timesheet Not Required, go to Employees> Click Employee> Earnings

Untick the box for “Timesheet Required." Click Save.

Employees on this setting will get their full pay every payroll period regardless of their attendance.  They are also automatically entitled to unworked holiday pay.