Only employees can file Overtime requests. You can, however, add Overtime Hours to an Employee's Hours Worked for the day.  If you choose to add Overtime on Hours Worked, the employee will have OT and does not need approval from their Overtime approver.

Go to Attendance > Hours Worked and click the Filter button on the upper right hand side of the page.

The Filter box will appear.  Enter the name of the employee whom you want to add Overtime Hours to, and select the date.

The filtered record will show up.

Click the entry, and the Hours Worked Details box will appear.  Click Edit.

The Edit Hours section will appear.  Click Add Time.  A new entry for Hours will appear.

Select Overtime Hours and enter the number of hours of overtime you would like to add.  You can also add a project if necessary.  Click Save.

The Hours Worked Detail box will show the Overtime Hours.  The Computed Attendance field will update as necessary.

The Hours Worked page will update with the edit that you made.