You can upload historical data for multiple employees to determine their Year-To-Date earnings, and this can be done for the following:

  • Earnings for the current company before the company started using Salarium
  • Earnings from an employee's previous company before they joined the company using Salarium

This historical data is used in Annualization to compute the correct total amount of tax the employee should have been paid for the year and enables companies to make adjustments accordingly.

An employee's Year-To-Date summary can be found by going to Employees>select Employee>Payroll Records>Year to Date Information.  You can update YTD information on an individual employee basis here.

To upload YTD information for multiple employees simultaneously, go to Employees YTD Summary. Click either the Mass Add YTD Information.

or the Mass Update YTD  Summary button.

If you have a CSV file ready, click Choose File and select the CSV file from your computer. Once selected, the filename will appear next to the button. Click Upload.  

Note: If it’s your first time, click the Employee YTD Summary Upload : Field Guide button to view the CSV template, which also provides instructions on how to fill it out.

Click the Download Sample CSV FIle button to download the template. Use the template to record your employee YTD Summaries. A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text. Salarium will easily process the CSV file in its database once you upload it to the system.

When you are ready to upload, click click the Mass Add or Mass Update YTD Summary buttons and upload the file when prompted.

Note: Please take note of the required headers when creating a CSV file.

This feature is particularly useful if you would like to upload YTD information for a large number of employees, to ensure that their Annualization is calculated correctly.

Note: It is not possible to add YTD information for the previous year.

You can also download your employees' YTD Summary.  Click Download YTD Summary.

A CSV file containing your Employees’ YTD information will be downloaded.

Note: If you add Year To Date information and set your Annualization schedule to End of Each Month, the information will reflect on both the end of month annualization and the end of year annualization.