Once you have inputted or uploaded Time Records or Hours Worked for your employees, and this has populated the Attendance page, you can search for the record and view the details.  Go to Attendance>Attendance.

In the Search box on the upper right hand of the page, enter the name of the employee whose Attendance you want to view.  You can also search for records via Department.

Click the Date Range box to select the dates for which you want to see your employee's Attendance.  Select one of the following options:

  • Today – to search for Attendance for the current day.
  • Yesterday – to search for Attendance for the previous day.
  • Last 7 Days – to search for Attendance within the last week.
  • This Month - to search for Attendance within the month.
  • Custom Range – to search for Attendance within a specific range.

Click Apply.

The Attendance you searched for will show up.

If you would like to edit the fields that are being displayed, click the Show/hide columns box on the right hand side of the page and tick the fields you would like to see.  Untick the fields you do not want to see.