On the Attendance page, you can view your employees' attendance in real time. Employee Time Data is being fed into Salarium from various sources, namely the Web Bundy, the Clock In App, approved Hours Worked or Time Records.  Go to Attendance>Attendance.

Here, you can view the number of hours each employee was scheduled to work, the number of hours they actually worked and the number of hours per Hour Type (regular, OT, Night, OT plus Night).  If applicable, the Attendance page will also display overtime hours, tardiness, undertime, absences, night shift hours, rest day hours and holiday hours.  

Click the Date Range box to select the dates for which you want to see your employee's Attendance.

If you would like to edit the fields that are being displayed, click the Show/hide columns box on the right hand side of the page and tick the fields you would like to see.  Untick the fields you do not want to see.

Please note that any changes you make to the Hours Worked or Time Records tab will automatically update the Attendance tab.  However, if you make changes outside the Attendance section that would affect an employee's attendance, changing his shift, for example, you will need to click the Regenerate button in the upper right hand of the page to see the changes you make reflect in attendance.  


Note: Employees who have "Date Ended" information on their Employment Details, will not show up in Attendance after their end date.