The SAL Clock In App can be integrated with SAL Time to create a fully-functional biometric system.

Download and Setup

You will need a 7+ inch tablet running Android 4.0+ to use the app.  Download the SAL Clock In App from the Google Play Store.

Note: SAL Clock in should work with any 7+ inch tablet running android 4.0+. We have tested on 7" Asus, 7" Lenovo, and 10" Samsung tablets. 

Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your device, open the app and begin setup.

You will first need to link the app with your Salarium account.

Enter your username and password on the Account Enrollment screen.

Note: Only administrators can link the app with SAL Time.

After entering your login credentials, your account will now be validated.

Note: If you encounter issues connecting the app with your Salarium account, your network may be behind a firewall. Please contact your IT department to whitelist Salarium domains.

Once your account has been validated, select the company you want to set up. Click Continue.

Note: You can select multiple companies from your Salarium account and the employees of all the companies can use only one device to log in.

The app will retrieve the employees from the company/ies you selected, and you will be taken to the Set Device PIN screen.  Enter a Device PIN and then reenter it to confirm.  Click Set Device PIN.  Please note that the Device PIN will need to be at least 4 digits long.  If you forget your Device PIN, you will need to go into the app settings and clear data.  This will enable you to set the Device PIN again.

Note: To reset PIN of SAL clock in app, clear data from app settings. That should wipe the log in of app including PIN.

After setting your Device Pin, you will be led to the Settings page.


The Settings Menu has the following options:

Update Device PIN - Allows you to change the Device PIN.  Enter your new Device PIN and then reenter it to confirm.  Click Update.  Please note that the Device PIN will need to be at least 4 digits long.

Reset Device - Will disconnect your device from your Salarium account. Click Reset.  You will be led to the Account Enrollment page, where you will again need to enter your Salarium credentials and select a company to link to the device.

Employee Identification - Determines how employees will search for their profiles to enable them to Clock In/Out.  This also determines how you will search for employees when enrolling them in the device.  The options are as follows:

  • Employee ID - Employees will search for their profiles via their Employee ID number.  If your Employee IDs are numbers only, select Numeric.   If your Employee IDs are composed of letters and numbers, select Alphanumeric.
    • Employee Search - Employees will search for their profiles via their Employee ID or name. When entering search terms, a list of employees will show on the right hand side of the page, and employees can scroll to search for their profile.

Note: If you have numerous employees in your company, selecting Employee Search as your Employee Identification option may impact the performance of the app.

Employee Verification - Determines how an employee will verify their identity for clock ins/outs. Currently, the app only allows for PIN verification, but in the future, there will be additional ways for employees to verify their identities.