After creating Bonus Types, you can now assign Bonus Types to your employees either directly, via payroll groups, or departments.

Note: If you haven’t yet created any Bonus Types, click here. Admins can define their own Bonus schemes. Bonus Types can be customized to either be taxable, non-taxable, or partially taxable.

To award Bonus Types, click Payroll > Bonus in the Top Navigation. This will open the Bonus page.  

Click the Add button. A form will pop up.  

Fill out the following required details:

  • Type – select the type of bonus to add.
  • Group Type – can be Employee, Payroll Group or Department
    • List – generated depending on the Group Type Selected.

Note: If you selected Employee as Group Type, all employees will be shown. You can select as many as you want.

If you have selected a salary-based bonus, the following fields will also need to be filled out:

  • Basis – Select the type of salary the Bonus will be based on
    • Gross Salary - based on the employee’s average monthly gross salary for the coverage period
    • Current Basic Salary - based on the employee’s current basic salary
    • Average Basic Salary - based on the employee's average monthly basic salary for the coverage period.  This will take into account any basic pay adjustments that have been made during the coverage period.
  • Percentage of Monthly Salary - percentage of the selected Basis to be given as a bonus.
  • Schedule of Releases – frequency of the disbursement of the bonus:
    • Annual – once a year
    • Semi-Annual – twice a year
    • Quarterly – four times a year
    • Bi-Monthly – six times a year
    • Monthly – 12 times a year
  • Release Date - date when the bonus for the specified period is released.
  • Coverage
    • From - First Month of the pay period
    • To - Last Month of the pay period
  • Valid From - bonuses of this type will be credited every time a release date is met, for dates after the Valid From field.
  • Valid Until - bonuses of this type will be released every time a release date is met, for dates before the Valid Until field.

In the example above, the 13th Month bonus of 100% of the current basic salary is given to employees of the Human Resource Development Department on December 1, 2015.

Note: You can determine a bonus that is more than 100% of an employee's salary by entering a number greater than 100 in the Percentage of Monthly Salary field.

Note: One-time bonuses can only be set as based on basic salary.  For the bonus to be based on gross salary or average basic salary, the bonus will need to be periodic.

When selecting the Schedule of Releases, you will be given either the following options:

  • Semi-Annual will yield two release dates.
  • Quarterly will yield four release dates.
  • Bi-Monthly will yield six release dates.
  • Monthly will yield twelve release dates.

Once you have finished filling out the form, click Save. You will be led back to the Bonus page. The page will reflect the Bonus you have added.

Note: For hourly paid employees, bonuses will only show up for them if the bonus is based on gross salary

Editing the Bonus

You can edit the Bonus you created.  Click the Bonus, and the Edit Bonus box will pop up.  Make the necessary changes and click Save afterwards to finalize. Otherwise, click Close.

Deleting the Bonus

The Admin can delete the Bonus after it was created.  Bonuses can be deleted one at a time or simultaneously. To delete one at a time, tick the box to the left of the Bonus and click the Trash Button that appears next to the Add Bonus button.

 A warning prompt will appear.

Click Yes. Otherwise, click No.

You will be led back to the page and the deleted Bonus will no longer be visible.  

If you want to delete all Bonuses simultaneously, click the tick box beside Bonus Type. All of the boxes will be ticked.  You can untick the boxes for the Bonuses you do not want to delete.  Click the Delete button that will appear beside Add Bonus.

Viewing the Bonus

The Bonus will appear in the payslip of your employees who were awarded the bonus.  The payslip will need to be one for a period that covers the Bonus Release Date and after the payroll has been generated. To learn how to generate payroll, click here.

As an Admin, you can check if the Bonus has been awarded to the employee. After generating payroll, click the employee you want to view.

On the employee’s Pay Details page, you will see the Bonus as an entry. It will only appear if payroll has been generated after its release date.

Alternatively, you can view the Bonus in the Payslip of the employee in the same way the employee can view it in the Employee Self Service (ESS) Page.

Click Download Payslip, it will download the Payslip as a PDF format. The bonus will be reflected in the employee’s payslip.