To add a new User, access the Control Panel by clicking the Icon at the upper right corner of your screen.  Select Control Panel, the click the Users tab.

Click Add User.  The Add User form will pop up.

Under Profile, you can select whether the employee will be a Super Admin, an Administrator, or an Employee.  Enter the user’s first and last name, their email address and select the company they will be an employee of.  If you select their company, you will also need to enter their Employee ID number.

Note: A user’s profile will determine which parts of Salarium he has access to.  A Super Admin has access to the entire site, including the Control Panel and Subscription sections.  An Administrator has access to the entire site excluding the Control Panel and Subscription sections.  An Employee will only have access to Employee Self Service.

Note: You can assign admins as admins of multiple companies.

Note: Admins can only view the companies they are assigned to.  Super Admins can view all companies.