After you have successfully set up your device, you will now need to enroll your employees and register their fingerprints.

Click the Enrollment button on the upper right hand side of the dashboard.

If you have selected Numeric for your Employee ID, you will see the following screen.

If you have selected Alphanumeric for your Employee ID, you will see the following screen.

Enter the employee’s Employee ID number using the keypad on the left hand side of the page and their profile will come up.

If you have enabled Employee Search, the employee’s profile should come up on the right hand side of the page.  Select the employee you would like to enroll and their profile will come up.

Click Set to register the Employee’s fingerprint.

The Fingerprint Enrollment screen will pop up.

Ask the employee to place their finger over the scanner. It doesn't need to be the employee's index finger, use the finger which is most comfortable.  Ensure that the employee does not remove his finger during the enrollment process.

You will see a success message once the print is captured. This should take 3-5 seconds.

The screen will indicate that their fingerprint has been set and the employee is enrolled.

If you would like to delete the employee’s fingerprint on file, click Reset.

The Reset Verifications box will pop up.  Click Reset.

You can now set a different fingerprint for the employee.  You can also click Back to enroll additional employees.

When you enroll employees' fingerprints on the SAL Clock In app, you don't have to enroll again since we store fingerprint data on the system. However, fingerprint data between different models of devices do not match. So if customer has two different models of devices, they need to enroll employees on both devices.