The Company Work Days represent the shift of those employees who have not been assigned a shift either directly or through their department.  For more information on shifts, click here.

To access the Company Work Days page, go to Company Setup>Time>Schedules>Work Days.

The default shift that has been set up is an 8am to 5pm shift with 8 hours worked per day, and a Work Break that starts at 12nn and ends at 1pm.  Employees on the Work Days shift are expected to work from Monday to Friday, with rest days on Saturday and Sunday.

Note: The shifts in Company Work Days are fixed shifts, not flexi shifts.

You can edit the Company Work Days according to company policy.  Hover your mouse at the right hand side of the page of the day you want to edit and click the Pencil button.

The fields will be enabled for editing.  You can edit the Day Type (Regular or Rest Day), Work Start, Work Break Start, Work Break End, Work End.  The Hours Worked field will automatically be calculated based on your edits.  Click Save after you have made the necessary changes.