To edit User Information, access the Control Panel by clicking the Icon at the upper right corner of your screen.  Select Control Panel, the click the Users tab.

Click the Edit button on the right hand side of the user you would like to edit.  You can edit the following:

  1. Profile - You can determine whether the user is a Super Admin, an Administrator, or an Employee.

Note: If you are the only Super Admin of the account, you cannot change your profile, as there must always be at least one Super Admin on accounts. If you want to remove yourself as a Super Admin, you will need to assign another user as the Super Admin.  They will then need to edit your profile.

  1. Personal Information (First and Last Name, Email Address) - If you edit an employee’s email address, notifications for Approval Request and activation links will be sent to the new email address.
  1. Employee Of - You can move the employee to a different company within your Salarium account by choosing the company from the drop down options.

Note: Transferring employees to another company will reset their settings except for the 201 File and Payment methods. This is because the two companies might have different setups for Schedules, Leaves and Loans, for example.  Please also note that if the employee is an Approver in an Approval Group, you will need to remove them from the Approval Group before you switch their companies.

Note: If you transfer an employee from one company to another, you will need to ensure that the employee's Employee ID does not match that of any other employee in the new company.