After creating Allowance Types, you can now assign Allowance Types to your employees. If you haven’t yet created any Allowance Types, click here.

You can assign allowances to your employees either through your employees’ 201 File or through the Employees tab. For information on how to award allowances to your employees through their 201 File, click here. For information on how to award allowances to your employees through the Employees tab, click here. You can also find information on how to award allowances to your employees through their 201 File.  

To save time, you can use a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file to quickly assign allowances to multiple employees simultaneously.

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text. Salarium will easily process the CSV file in its database once you upload it to the system.  

To assign allowances to multiple employees simultaneously, click Employees>Allowances Click the Mass Add Employee Allowances button.

The Mass Add Employee Allowances box will pop up.

Note: If you have the CSV file ready, click Choose File and select the CSV file from your computer. Otherwise, click the Employee Allowances Upload : Field Guide button to download the CSV template, which also provides instructions on how to fill it out.

A sample CSV template is as follows:

Once you have filled out the template, click Upload.  Otherwise, click Cancel.

Once the CSV file is uploaded, the allowances of your employees will appear in Employees>Allowances.

Note: You cannot mass update changes to allowances, you can only mass add new allowances.

Editing the Allowance

You can edit the Allowance you just created.  Click the Allowance you want to edit, and the Edit Allowance box will pop up.  Make the necessary changes and click Save afterwards to finalize. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Deleting the Allowance

The Admin can delete the Allowance after it was created. Allowances can be deleted one at a time or simultaneously.

To delete one at a time, tick the box to the left of the Allowance you want to delete, and click the Trash Button that appears next to the Add Allowance button.

A warning prompt will appear.

Click Yes to delete. Otherwise, click No. You will be led back to the Allowance Settings page and the deleted Allowance Type will no longer be visible.  

If you want to delete all Allowance Types simultaneously, 
click the tick box beside Employee Name. After clicking the box, all tick boxes are automatically selected. A Trash button appears next to Add Employee Allowance. You can untick the boxes for the Allowances you do not want to delete. Click the Trash button .

When you click the Trash Button, a warning prompt will appear.

Click Yes if you want to finalize deleting the multiple Allowance Types. Otherwise, click No.

Allowances can also be downloaded.  Click Download Allowances.

A CSV file containing your Employees’ allowances will be downloaded.