After creating Allowance Types, you can now assign Allowance Types to your employees.  If you haven’t yet created any Allowance Types, click here.

You can assign Allowances Types to your employees either through your employees’ 201 File or through the Employees tab. To award allowances to your employees through the Employees tab, click here.

To assign Allowance Types to your employees through their 201 File, go to Employees>Click Employee>Allowances.  Click Add Allowance.

The Add Allowance form will pop up.

Fill out the following required details:

  • Allowance Type - type of allowance to be given as created in Company Setup
  • Fully Taxable - automatically defined through the Allowance Type in Company Setup
  • Prorated Allowance - this lets you determine if the allowance will adjust for lates or absences
    • Yes - the allowance set will be prorated
    • No - the allowance set will not be prorated
  • Prorated by - appears if you selected the allowance to be prorated
    • Day - as long as an employee works some part of a day (whether tardy or short shift) they will receive their full allowance for that day
    • Hour - any tardiness or attendance deduction will also have an effect on this allowance
  • Entitled Also when - you can choose to give the allowance if the employee is on paid leave, on unpaid leave, both or neither.

Note: If an allowance is prorated by day, for any days the employee is absent during the payroll period, the allowance will be deducted accordingly. The calculation is as follows: allowance * (number of days present during the payroll period/number of working days in the payroll period) = prorated allowance. If an allowance is prorated by hour, hours are calculated as part days as follows: number of hours present/number of hours of their shift.

Note: If the employees are on an allowance prorated by day, and they work on their rest day, the system will not take the rest day work into consideration when calculating the allowance.  This also applies to allowances that are not prorated by day.  Employees do not get allowances for rest days regardless of whether they work on the day or not.

Note: If an allowance assigned to an employee is prorated by day, and the employee is not entitled unworked holidays, the employee will not get his allowance for the day if he does not work on the holiday.

  • Amount - amount of the allowance.  Please note that the amount you enter will be given on a monthly basis.
  • Scheme
    • Per Pay - the employee will receive the allowance every time they get paid
    • First Pay of the Month - the employee will receive the allowance during the first pay of the month
    • Last Pay of the Month - the employee will receive the allowance during the last pay of the month
    • Per Month, Split Equally - the employee will receive the monthly amount of the allowance split equally among how many pay periods there are in the month
  • Valid From - the starting date of the allowance
  • Valid To - the end date of the allowance

Note: If the allowance validity period only covers part of a payroll period, the allowance will still be given during that payroll period.  Also, if the allowance is prorated, and an employee is absent or has an unworked holiday for the day during the period of the allowance, they will not get the allowance for the day.

Once you have finished filling out the form, click Add. Otherwise, click Cancel. Clicking Add will prompt a success message. You can now see which allowances have been assigned to the employee, and you can also edit them.

Editing the Allowance

If you would like to edit the Allowance you assigned, click the item you want to edit. The Edit Allowance box will pop up. Make the necessary changes. After making the changes, click Save. Click Cancel if you would like to revert to your original data entries.

Deleting the Allowance 

You can delete Allowances you have assigned.  Allowances can be deleted one at a time or simultaneously. To delete one at a time, tick the box of the Allowance you would like to delete and click the Trash button next to the Add Allowance button.

A warning prompt will appear.

Click Yes. Otherwise, click No.

You will be led back to the Allowances page and the deleted Allowance will no longer be visible.  

If you want to delete all Allowances simultaneously, click the tick box at the first column and a Trash button will appear next to the Add Allowance button.  All of the boxes will be ticked.  You can untick the boxes for the Allowances you do not want to delete.  Click the Trash button.

A warning prompt will appear.

Click Yes if you want to delete the multiple Allowances. Otherwise, click No.

You are now ready to add a new allowance.

To save time, you can use a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file to quickly add allowances to multiple employees simultaneously. Click here for more information.