Once Deductions have been created, Admin can assign Deductions to their employees. Admins can do this in two ways. One way is through the Employee’s 201 file. Click here for more information.

The other way is through the Employees tab. Click Employees in the Top Navigation, and then click Deductions.  

Creating the Deduction

To assign an Employee Deduction, click the Add Employee Deduction button on the left side of your screen.

The Add Employee Deductions box will pop up. Fill out the necessary details:

  • Employee Name – name of the employee with the Deduction.
  • Deduction Type – the name of the Deduction previously created in Settings.  
  • Deduction Amount per Pay – the amount of the Deduction per payroll period
  • Valid From – the date when the Deduction will start
  • Valid To – the date when the Deduction will end

In the above example, an amount of P500.00 for Gym will be deducted every time the employee gets paid.

Note: If you would like the deduction to be recurring and cover multiple payroll periods, ensure that the Valid From and Valid To range covers multiple payroll periods.  If you would like the deduction to be a one-time deduction, have the Valid From and Valid To range only cover one payroll period.  

Click Add. You will be led back to the Employees page.  

Editing the Deduction

You can edit the Deduction you just created.  Click the Deduction you want to edit, and the Edit Deduction box will pop up.  Make the necessary changes and click Save afterwards to finalize. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Deleting the Employee Deduction

The Admin can delete the Deduction after it was created. Deductions can be deleted one at a time or simultaneously.

To delete one at a time, tick the box to the left of the Deduction you want to delete, and click the Trash Button that appears next to the Add Deduction button.

A warning prompt will pop up.

Click Yes to delete. Otherwise, click No.

You will be led back to the Employees page and the deleted Deduction will no longer be visible.  

If you want to delete all Deduction Types simultaneously, click the tick box beside Employee Name. After clicking the box, all tick boxes are automatically selected. A Trash button appears next to Add Deduction. You can untick the boxes of the Deductions you don't want to delete. Click the Trash button.

Click the Trash button. You are ready now to add a new Deduction for the Employee.

You can also create, edit and delete Deductions through the Employee's 201 File. Click here for more information. 

Now that you have assigned Deductions to your employees, they will be computed and included when generating payroll. You can check if the Deduction was made after generating the payroll through the Employee’s Payslip and Pay Details page. For more information how to generate payroll, click here.