Admins can create Expenses Types based on company policies. Employees can request reimbursement for these Expense Types.  Examples of Expense Types for reimbursement are Transportation Fees and Meals.

Employees will file a request and once approved, the expense will be credited back to the employee as shown in the Pay Details page and the employee's payslip. To find out more information on filing a request, click here.

To create Expense Types, go to Company Setup>Expense>Expense Types.

Adding Expense Types

Click Add Expense Type.

Fill out the following required details:

  • Expense Type – name of the Expense Type
  • Minimum Amount – minimum amount of the expense
  • Maximum Amount – maximum amount of the expense
  • Require Receipt 
    • Yes – a receipt will need to be attached for the Expense Request
    • No – a receipt is not required

Note: If the Require Receipt field is set to Yes, Employees can only submit expense requests if they attach a receipt.  Admins can view receipts through the Approvals section on the Navigation bar. Click the Attachment icon.

When you have filled out the required fields on the Add Expense Type form, click Add. You will be led back to the Expense page. You will notice that the Expense Type you added is now listed.

Editing Expense Types

You can edit the Expense Types you create.  Click the Expense Type you would like to edit, and the Edit Expense Type box will pop up.  Make the necessasry edits and click Save. Otherwise, click Cancel

Deleting Expense Types

Admins can delete Expense Types after they have been created. Expense Types can be deleted one at a time or simultaneously. To delete one at a time, tick the box of the Expense Type you would like to delete and click the Trash button next to the Add Expense Type button. 

A warning prompt will appear.

Click Yes.  Otherwise, click No.

If you want to delete all Expense Types simultaneously, click the tick box at the first column and a Trash button will appear next to the Add Expense Type button.  All of the boxes will be ticked.  You can untick the boxes for the Expense Types you do not want to delete.  Click the Trash button.

You are now ready to create a new Expense Type.