One of the most powerful features in Salarium is the ability to create Approval Workflows.

Note: Workflows allow you to automate the approval process by creating Approval Groups.  Approval Groups determine the employees who can approve or deny requests.  

These approval requests can be found on the Approvals page. 

To create an Approval Groupgo to Company Setup > Automation > Workflows.

Click Add Approval Group.  The Add Approval Group box will pop up.

Name the Approval Group, and then enter the name of the approvers in the Search Employees box. Please note that you can have multiple approvers in one Approval Group.  For the approval to go through, all approvers must approve the request in turn starting with the Approver 1.

Click Save.

If you would like to delete an Approval Group, click the tick box beside the Approval Group's name. A Delete button will appear. Click the button and the group will be deleted.