Once you have created Payroll Groups, you can now set up how often contributions are made to the SSS, HDMF, Philhealth, and Withholding Tax, as well as how they are calculated.

To access your Contribution settings, go to Company Setup> Payroll> Contributions. The table shows all of the Payroll Groups you have created, and their default contribution settings.

To edit the pay frequencies and calculation settings of each of the Contribution Types,Click the Payroll Group you want to edit and the Edit Contributions form will pop up. Choose the contributions frequency for the Payroll Groups, and click Save.  Otherwise, click Cancel.

Monthly payroll groups can only be set to Every Pay on all types of contributions. Weekly and Fortnightly payroll groups can only be set to Based on Actual Balance on SSS, HDMF, and Philhealth.

Note: Withholding Tax can only be set to Every Pay for all payroll frequencies.

Note: Contributions are made every payroll period, so if an employee is on a semi-monthly payroll, he will be making two contributions per month.  Contributions cannot happen only once for a semi-monthly payroll.  

Note: If there are more than 2 payroll periods in a month, and contributions for an employee have already been completed in the first 2 payroll periods of the month, there will no longer be any contributions for the remaining payroll periods in the month.

These settings are applicable to the entire payroll group. You can also determine what contributions are based on (for example, gross or basic salary) for each individual employee. For more information, please click here.