You can customize the look of your payslips by accessing the Payslip Wizard.  Go to Company Setup>Payroll>Payslip>Payslip Template Wizard>Next.

On this page, you can determine what details show up on Employee Payslips by selecting or deselecting options in the Employee Details section.

You can also select a Full or Basic Breakdown for Payslip Items, which will reflect as follows:

  • Full Breakdown - Will include Gross Income, Taxable Income and Net Pay computation details (this is currently what is included in payslips)
  • Basic Breakdown - Will include Taxable Income and Net Pay computation details only

Once you are satisfied with your selections, name your template, and then click Save Template.  You will now need to activate your template.  Go to Company Setup>Payroll>Payslip>Settings.  Hover your mouse over your new template and click Activate.