An employee’s Personal and Employment Details contains all the information that is crucial to the employee’s account set up, including their Basic Information, Contact Information, Employment Details and Government Details.

To access your employee's Personal Details, go to Employees, click the employee whose information you would like to enter, then go to Personal Details.

To edit an entry, type your edit in the corresponding box. You will need to click Save after you have made your inputs.

The sections of the the employee's Personal Details are as follows:

Basic Information

  • Employee ID - The employee’s Employee ID. This is crucial as the Employee ID serves as the employee identifier when doing mass uploads or updates.  This is also how an employee brings up their profile when clocking in using our Clock In App or a biometric device.
  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Name - Only the Last and First Name are required.
  • Birthdate - The employee’s date of birth.  
  • Gender - The employee’s gender
  • Marital Status - The employee’s marital status.  This does not affect how the employee is taxed, which is determined by the employee’s Tax Status.
  • Active - Indicates if the employee is active.  You will be billed for all active employees, and only active employees will be included in payroll generation.  

Note: The fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Note: If you do not want to include an employee in payroll generation, for example, he is on leave without pay or has been suspended without pay, you can deactivate him here.  You will need to reactivate him when he is back from leave/suspension and should be paid again.

Contact Information

  • Email Address - This is where an employee’s activation link is sent, and also serves as their login to their Employee Self Service Portal.
  • Telephone - The employee’s telephone number
  • Mobile - The employee’s mobile number
  • Address - The employee’s place of residence
  • Country - The country where the employee resides
  • City - The city where the employee resides
  • Zip Code - The zip code of the employee’s address
Emergency Contact Information
  • Name - This is the name of the person you should contact if there is an emergency regarding the employee.
  • Phone - This is the telephone number of the employee's emergency contact person.

    To access your employee's Employment Details, click Employment on the left hand side of the page.

    To edit an entry, type your edit in the corresponding box. You will need to click Save after you have made your inputs.

    The sections of the the employee's Employment Details are as follows:

    Employment Details

    • Employment Type - The employee’s status, for example Probationary, Regular or Contractual
    • Position - The employee’s position in the company.  This will be indicated in forms if the employee is a company signatory.
    • Primary Work Location - Indicates where the employee works if your company has multiple locations/offices.
    • Payroll Group - Indicates which payroll group the employee belongs to.  An employee must belong in a Payroll Group for his payroll to be generated.
    • Date Hired - The employee’s hire date.  This is taken into consideration for assignments such as Leave Entitlements, which require tenure to accrue.

    Note: Please ensure that you enter an employee’s Date Hired. If this is blank, it will cause an error during Payroll Generation.

    • Department - The employee’s department.  Network Restrictions for employee clock ins/outs can be assigned to Departments.
    • Rank - The employee’s rank.  Tardiness Rules, Leave Entitlements, and Network Restrictions for employee clock ins/outs are assigned to Ranks.
    • Cost Center - Determines which cost center the employee belongs to, for accounting purposes. To learn more about Cost Centers, click here.
    • Termination Date - Determines when an employee has resigned or has been terminated.  Please click the link to go to the employee's Termination Information page.  For more information, click here.

    Government Details

    • Tax Status - Determines what tax table will be used for the employee
    • RDO - Indicates the employee’s Revenue District Office code, which is a geographical code used in BIR forms.
    • HDMF - The employee’s Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG number.
    • TIN - The employee’s Tax Identification Number
    • SSS - The employee’s SSS Number
    • PhilHealth - The employee’s PhilHealth number

    Note: Please ensure that you select an employee’s Tax Status. If this is blank, it will cause an error during Payroll Generation.