The Admin Dashboard

After signing in, you will be led to the Dashboard. You can view your company’s daily activities including payroll, company calendar and announcements.  

Center Panel

This displays the total numbers of employees on leave, employees clocked in for the day, employees who are absent, and previous month, current month and year-to-date payroll for your company.

You can click each section to view the details: 

Employees On Leave - This indicates the employees on leave and what types of leave they are on

Employees Clocked In - This indicates the employees who have clocked in and the method they used to clock in

Employees Absent 

Previous Month Report 

Current Month Report 

Year to Date Report 

Payroll Generation Report

This contains a graphical representation of your company’s Business Intelligence analytics, or BI Report. It accelerates time in managing and exploring data with interactive charts. Its purpose is to help you analyze problematic areas in the company’s payroll and employee attendance through BI Reports. It generally assists you in discovering, interpreting and creating new opportunities for your company’s payroll and workforce performance.

Note: You can use the Filter Function to be specific in what to view. When you are done with setting up the company departments, ranks, cost centers and employees, the report can be filtered by typing the areas you have set up in the filter field.

Announcements Panel

Any news and announcements will appear on this panel. 


This shows important dates of the next payroll and displays the holidays for the current month. Approved and pending employee leaves for the month are also displayed here. Click the arrows to view the Next and Previous months' Calendar.


You can see who among your employees have recently requested timesheet, leave, expense, loan and overtime approvals. Click the Approvals icon in the upper right hand side of the page. To learn more information about Approvals, click here.

Note: If you do not belong to any approval groups, the approvals icon will not show up in the home screen.

Contact Support

To get in touch with our Support Team, click the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click Support Request.

Enter your email address, the subject of your request, as well as all the pertinent details of your request. You can also add attachments.  Click Submit.

Your employees (non-Admin users) will have a different Dashboard when logging in at Salarium. This is the Employee Self-Service feature of Salarium. Click here for more information.