How do I Generate Payroll?

            Once your company, employees and payroll group have been set up, and your time and attendance data is up to date, you're ready to run your first payroll. If you have not set up a payroll group yet, click here.

            To generate your first payroll, go to the Payroll tab located at the top of the screen.

            Click Generate Payroll.

            Then Add Payroll window will pop up. Select the Payroll Group and the Payroll Date you would like to generate. 

            Note: If you only have one Payroll Group and set up your calendar to be current, it will always default to the next pay period, so you can just click Generate.

            Note: You cannot generate payroll if the pay run date falls in the next month (ie. it is January now and your pay run date falls in February.)  You can only generate payroll if the month you are in currently is the same as the month of the pay run date.

            Click Generate once you have the correct group and period selected. You will see a status message at the top of the page and the page will refresh.

            Note: You can navigate away from the Payroll page to other parts of Salarium and return once payroll has finished running.


            If your payroll generation fails, you will receive an error message.  The error message will let you know what needs to be corrected.

            Payroll generation may fail due to the following:  

            • An employee's Date Hired field has not been populated.
            • An employee's Tax status has not been determined.
            • You have two Holidays on the same day.  If this is the case, the error message will read "No time type specified," as follows:

            If there are no errors in your payroll group, payroll is generated and put in Open status.  You will be directed to the Payroll Details page.  On this page, you can view payroll details on a company and employee basis. 

            To view an employee's pay details, Click the employee.

            This will show you your employee's Pay Details, Calculation Breakdown and Attendance

            Note: The Summary section will alert you if an employee was hired in the middle of the payroll period via the Date Hired field.  This means that the employee will not get his full pay for the period.

            Note: If your attendance period is different from your payroll period, the Summary section will also indicate your attendance period.

            Pay Details - This where you can view an employee's income, to include his salary, allowances, bonuses, expense reimbursements and commission, as well as his deductions, to include tax, deductions, attendance penalties, loans and government contributions.

            Calculation Breakdown - This is where you can view a breakdown of the employee's Gross Income, Taxable Income and Net Pay.

            Attendance - This is where you can see the employee's attendance for the payroll period. 

            You can also view the payslip that will be generated and sent to the employee by clicking View Payslip.

            This is a sample Payslip.

            Note: Salarium prevents users from accidentally generating the same payroll period twice. A payroll group and period can only be generated one time; as long as it is still open, you can make corrections and regenerate.

            You can close payroll by clicking the Close payroll button.  Once the payroll has been closed, it is finalized and can no longer be regenerated.

            You will receive a warning message letting you know the consequences of closing payroll.

            Click Close Payroll only if you are confident that payroll is correct and there are no more corrections to be made.  You will receive a message when payroll has successfully been closed.

            If, for any reason, you would like to open payroll that has already been closed, click Open Payroll.

            You will receive a warning message letting you know the consequences of opening payroll.

            Note: If funds are disbursed through Salarium after payroll has been closed, that payroll cannot be opened.

            Closing payroll results in the following:

            1. Payslips are sent to the employees. Click here for more information.
            2. Bank or disbursement advice is generated. Click here for more information.
            3. Government forms are generated. Click here for more information.

            Congratulations! You've just run your first of many automated payrolls.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:59 PM
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