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            How can I view Employee Disbursement Details?

            After you close payroll, you can view Employee Disbursement Details on the upper right hand side of the Payroll Details page.  Here, you can view the different  Disbursement Types (different bank accounts, cash, check), Amount Disbursed per Disbursement Type, as well as the number of employees per Disbursement Type.

            You can access this by going to Payroll, then clicking the Payroll Details icon next to a Payroll Group that has already generated payroll.

            The Disbursement Summary can be viewed on the upper right hand of the page.

            Click Details to view a list of employees and their respective amounts to be disbursed per Disbursement Type.  

            For bank disbursements, click Bank Advice and Bank File to download these files for each bank.

            Note: Bank Files are currently only available for BDO.

            Note: Each payment method per employee is saved after payroll is run.  If you would like to change an employee’s payment method, you will need to do this on the employee’s Payment Method tab and then regenerate payroll for the new Payment Method to take effect.  This is to ensure past bank files and advices remain accurate if employees' Payment Methods are changed.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:57 PM
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