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            How can I set up my SAL Pay Corporate Account?

            To set up your SAL Pay Corporate Account, click Pay in the Top Navigation.

            If you have previously created a SAL Pay Corporate Account, you will be given the option to Link your company to any existing SAL Pay Corporate Accounts you may already have.  Click Link this account to link previously-created SAL Pay Corporate Accounts to your company.  If you do not have any existing SAL Pay Corporate Accounts, click Create new SAL Pay Corporate Account.

            The account you just created will show up in the Disbursement section.

            Once you have created your SAL Pay Corporate Account, you will need to submit verification documents.  Go to Pay in the Top Navigation.

            The documents you will need to submit are as follows:

            • SEC Registration, Articles and By Laws or DTI Registration
            • General Information Sheet (GIS)
            • BIR 2303 Certificate of Registration
            • Audited Financial Statement
            • Business Permit
            • Notarized Secretary’s Certificate
            • Merchant Application Form
            • Authorized Representative ID
            • Principal Officer/Owner ID
            • Principal Officer ID
            • Implementing Agreement

            To submit these documents, click Verify Now next to the document you would like to submit.

            The document submission box will pop up.  There will be instructions there on the exact requirements for the documents to be submitted.  Click the Upload box to attach your files, or drop your files into the box.  Click Submit.

            Note: Only click Submit when you have attached all of the necessary documents. 

            Once your documents have been verified, you can now set up your employees' SAL Pay Personal Accounts.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:57 PM
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