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            How can I set up my Employees' SAL Pay Personal Accounts?

            To set up your Employees' SAL Pay Personal Accounts, go to Pay in the Top Navigation.

            Click Create Employee SAL Pay Accounts.

            On the pop-up, you can search for employees individually or filter by department. 

            If you would like to create SAL Pay accounts for all eligible employees, click Select All.

            Note: The Select All button will not be available if you have filtered any employees or departments.  Click Reset Filter to view the Select All button.

            You can also create accounts for employees individually by ticking the box next to their name.

            If the employee has not verified their email address to access Employee Self Service, they will be shown as Pending Registration.

            The bottom of the form will indicate how many employees have been selected, and what the costs will be.  These costs comprise account creation, debit card printing and delivery.  Click Continue.  

            Enter your Billing and Shipping Details.  If you have already entered Billing Details, the fields will auto-populate.  

            Note: Shipping details will indicate where you want your employees' debit cards to be delivered.

            Note: The fields marked with an asterisk are required.

            Select your payment method.  You can make payment using a credit card via PayPal, or over the counter via Paynamics.

            You will be directed to the payment gateway of your choice.  Follow the instructions in either PayPal or Paynamics to complete your account setup.

            If you make payment via PayPal, employee accounts will be created immediately.  If you make payment via Paynamics, employee accounts will be created within 24 hours from your over the counter payment.

            When their accounts are created, your employees will receive welcome emails to SAL Pay, which will instruct them to complete identity verification.

            Your employees' debit cards will be delivered a few days after they have completed identity verification.

            Note: Successful card orders are non refundable or transferable.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:57 PM
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