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            How can I navigate my Employee Dashboard?

            Welcome to your Salarium Employee Self Service (ESS) Dashboard.

            This is the main hub of Employee Self Service, and is where you will clock in for work, view your payslips and make requests.  The numbered items are as follows: 

            1. View your Employee Profile and access the Employee Help Center. You can also log out here. If you are an administrator, you can navigate back to the admin side here.
            2. View the Web Bundy clock. You can clock in and clock out for attendance and projects here. It will indicate the current time, as well as the time of your last clock in or clock out.  You can view your timesheet in realtime by clicking View Time Records, which is also accessible by clicking Time Records on the left hand side of the page.
            3. View the Calendar for the month.  If you would like to view Previous and Next months, click the arrows.  The Calendar will display the holidays for the month, your shift for the month as well as any approved or pending leaves you have requested.
            4. View the Employee Self Service Menu. You can:
              • view your payslips and YTD information.
              • view your attendance, time records, submit timesheets for approval.
              • view your leave balance and file leave requests
              • view your loan balance and file loan requests
              • make overtime, rest day, and holiday pay requests.
              • file expense claims for reimbursement
            5. Send a message to your HR by clicking Contact Administrator
            6. View Requests for your Approval (if you are an approver).
            7. View the Announcement Board where your company can communicate important information to you.  You can also scroll to older announcements by clicking the arrows on the bottom of the announcement pane. 

             For more information of all the functions of the ESS, cick here

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:56 PM
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