How can I Generate and View the BIR Alphalist?

            The BIR Alphabetical List, or alphalist is an attachment to BIR form 1604-CF, and includes an alphabetical list of employees who have paid tax in line with Philippine Revenue Regulations.

            The alphalist contains your employees’ names, Tax Identification Numbers (TINs), gross compensation paid by present and previous employers for the calendar year, taxes deducted from their salaries, and computations for either Tax refunds and Tax Payable at the end of the calendar year.  The tax computations will result in one of the following:

            • Tax Payable -  Tax due is more than the tax withheld within the calendar year
            • Tax Refund - Tax due is less than the tax withheld within the calendar year
            • Break even - Tax due is equal to the tax withheld within the calendar year

            Salarium can generate 4 types of Schedule Alphalists, as follows:

              • 7.1 Schedule of Alphalist - Alphalist of Employees Terminated before December 31.
              • 7.3 Schedule of Alphalist -  Alphalist of Employees as of December 31 with No Previous Employer/s within the Year
              • 7.4 Schedule of Alphalist - Alphalist of Employees as of December 31 with Previous Employer/s within the Year.
              • 7.5 Schedule of Alphalist - Alphalist of Employees who are Minimum Wage Earners

            Generating the Alphalist 

            When generating Schedule of Alphalists, please ensure that you have already inputted the following information for your employees, as necessary:

            • Employee earnings for the current company before the company started using Salarium
            • Employee earnings from an employee's previous company before they joined the company using Salarium.

            Employee earnings can be entered into Salarium by going to Employees>Click Employee>Payroll Data>Year to Date Information>Update Current/Previous Employer YTD Data.  For more information, click here.

            The Alphalist data will be populated from the following BIR Forms:

            • BIR Form 1604-CF - the the Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes. For more information, click here.
            • BIR Form 1601 - Monthly Employee Withholding tax Generated by Salarium.
            • BIR Form 2316 - Withholding Tax information from an employee’s previous employer.  For more information, click here.

            Once you have made the necessary inputs, Go to Payroll>Government Forms>BIR 1604CF PDF.

            On the pop up, click Alphalist XLS to download the Alphalist.

            Note: that every time you add data to the 1604-CF and it saves a new version, the system will also save a new version of the Alphalist.  You can download any version of the saved Alphalists by clicking the Alphalist XLS button next to the specific version of the 1604-CF you would like to download.  

            Note: The Alphalist XSL file will contain all of the different Schedules, separated by the different tabs of the spreadsheet.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:59 PM
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