How can I export my Payroll Register?

            Your Payroll Register is a report that covers all payroll groups for a date range that you can specify.

            To export your payroll register, go to the Payroll tab and click Export Payroll Register.

            Select the date range you would like to download on the popup.  You can download your Payroll Register for the Previous Year, Current Year, Previous Month or a Custom Date Range.

            An excel file containing your payroll register for the date range you selected will be downloaded.

            Note: For larger reports, the file will be sent as a link to your email. Once received, link should be valid for 24 hours. 

            Note: Allowances are itemized in the payroll reports.  Adjustments are itemized by Adjustment Type.  If there are Adjustments made during the period selected, another sheet will be included, which shows Adjustments itemized by type and reason.  Other types of income are consolidated into one number under the income type.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 01:59 PM
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