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            How can I add Employees individually?


            Before adding employees, we suggest completing your organizational and payroll setup, as many of the Employee fields will be dependent on the organizational and payroll fields you will create. For more information on setting up the Organizational Structure, click here. For information on setting up Payroll Groups, click here.

            If you are adding more than one employee, please check here.

            To add employees individually, click Employees at the Top Navigation. Next, click Add Employee at the upper left corner.

            The Add Employee form will pop up. Please complete the form for each employee.  Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

            The required fields are:

            1. Employee ID 
            2. Employee's Last Name
            3. Employee's First Name
            4. Employee's email address

            The other fields are not mandatory but we recommend you fill them out also. Click Add and the Employee will be added to the Directory. 

            Note: If you would like to add an employee who still does not have a company email address, you can use a temporary email address at first and then add the company email address in their 201 file when it is available.

            A success message will appear when you have successfully added an Employee.

            You will be led back to the Employees page. You will see that the employee is now listed in the 201 Files tab.


            Email is already in use

            You will receive this error message if the email address of the employee you are trying to add already exists in the Salarium database.  The employee may have created their own account.  Please contact so that we can delete the email address and you can add the email address to your company account.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 11:45 AM
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