Where can I enter my employee's Tax Status and Government Registered Numbers?

Where can I enter my employee's Tax Status and Government Registered Numbers?

To enter your employee's Tax Status and Government Registered Numbers, go to Employees, click the employee whose information you would like to enter, then go to Employment. 

Go to Employment section.  The fields will be enabled for editing, just enter the employee's Government Contribution details.

The details are as follows:

  • Tax Status - Determines what tax table will be used for the employee.  The options and tax codes are as follows:
    • Single (S)
    • Single - 1 Dependent (S1)
    • Single - 2 Dependents (S2)
    • Single - 3 Dependents (S3)
    • Single - 4 Dependents (S4)
    • Married (M)
    • Married - 1 Dependent (ME1)
    • Married - 2 Dependents (ME2)
    • Married - 3 Dependents (ME3)
    • Married - 4 Dependents (ME4)
    • No Exemption (Z)
  • RDO - Indicates the employee’s Revenue District Office code, which is a geographical code used in BIR forms.
  • HDMF - The employee’s Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG number.
  • TIN - The employee’s Tax Identification Number
  • SSS - The employee’s SSS Number
  • PhilHealth - The employee’s PhilHealth number

After you have selected your employee's tax status and entered their Government Registered Numbers, click Save.

Note: Please ensure that you select an employee’s Tax Status. If this is blank, it will cause an error during Payroll Generation.

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