Update Employee Contribution Basis

Update Employee Contribution Basis

Employee Contribution Basis can be updated via the employee profile.

To update the contribution basis via the employee profile,
1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to Employee Records Module > People Tab.

2. Find the name of the employee through the search box or through the list, and open the 201 profile.

3. On the side navigation panel, choose Payroll Information then click the Edit button at the upper right part of the screen.

4. Scroll down below and go to the Government Contributions section. For each field, choose the basis applicable to the employee/organization.

5. Once done, click on Submit.


To update the government contribution basis via Mass Update,
1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to Employee Records Module > People Tab.

2. Click on the Mass Update button.

3. Download, accomplish, and upload the CSV file.

When accomplishing the file, please take note of the following:
1. Updating the Government Contribution Basis, the following columns are also required:
      a. Employee ID
      b. Tax Type
      c. Base Pay
      d. Base Pay Unit
      e. Payroll Group
      f. SSS/PhilHealth/HDMF amount columns (if Fixed is the basis)
2. Delete the other columns without any values.

Values Accepted for SSS/PhilHealth/HDMF Basis columns:
- Gross Income
- Gross Taxable
- Basic Pay
- Net Basic Pay
- Fixed
- No Contribution

4. Wait until the success prompt appears. It means that the changes have been saved successfully.

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