Sign Up and Create an Account with Salarium

Sign Up and Create an Account with Salarium

Salarium provides a solution that will ease the pain of manual timekeeping and payroll processing. Salarium is a complete end-to-end time and payroll solution. We have 3 core modules, our Transparent Time and Attendance, our Effortless Payroll, and our Secure Payouts, all 3 of these modules sit on top of Salarium’s HRIS.”

Let’s get you started in creating your Salarium account.

You may visit our website and click on the "Start My Free Trial" button.


You will be directed to the sign-up page of Salarium where you will need to enter the required details to complete the creation of your account.

a.       First name

b.       Last name

c.       Account nameName of the Company

d.       Email address – This will be used for your login

e.       PasswordThis will be used for your login

Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Notice before checking the box. You will also be needing to verify/validate by checking the "I am not a Robot" captcha button. To finalize the creation of your account, click on the sign-up button.


You will land on a page informing you about the activation of your account by verifying your email address.



Go to your email and check your inbox if you have received an email from Open the email and click on verify email address.


You will then be directed to a page informing you that you have already verified your account. Simply click on Login to be re-directed to the login page.


Once you’re on the login page, enter your registered email address and the nominated password when you were signing up.


Upon logging in, a welcome video will appear on your screen while you land on the Company Settings page. Below the video, you have two options. First is the Get Started option. A guided walkthrough will appear which provides instructions on how to setup your account. 



The other option is the Webinar Center option.

If you choose the Webinar Center option, you will be directed to a page where you can register for our weekly webinar training sessions.

Each module has its own registration link, and you will need to complete ALL 5 sessions to get to know more about the how-to’s of Salarium.

Just down below the registration links for the webinars, you will also find the previously recorded sessions of our admin training. If you wish to start setting up your account and at the same time attend the training sessions, you may choose the option of watching the recorded sessions. All these training videos encompass the use of the Administrator’s page of Salarium.

We also have an ESS Learning Site that you can visit containing different videos related to the use of Salarium’s Employee Self Service Page. The videos on the learning site are:

-          Account Verification of Employees

      -          Logging in to Salarium

-          How-to Videos

o   Clocking in and out

o   Filing of Requests

o   Managing Approvals

o   Viewing Payslips

o   Managing Teams

o   Publishing Announcements

Viewing Calendar

Aside from the video materials and webinar sessions, you may visit our Knowledge Base page where you will see different articles related to the use of Salarium.


After you have verified your account, your 30-day trial period will commence. You’ll have the liberty to fully set up your account based on your needs. After the 30-day trial period has lapsed, you will already enter the live billing cycle.

To check the end of the trial period, please follow these steps.

From the company settings, you must tap on the User Menu > Control Panel.

You’ll land on your Account Settings > Subscriptions Page. You’ll be able to see the following details:


-          Primary Owner Emailemail of the user who created the company’s account.

-          No. of License being used

-          Free Trial End DateYour account will be suspended the day after the indicated end date as you will need to switch your account to a live billing cycle.

o   If you have fully set up your account before the end date, you have an option to instantly switch your account to the live billing cycle by tapping on the Subscribe Now button.


Ensure that ONLY 1 user should undergo the sign-up process with Salarium. To give access to the rest of the users, you may add them as a user through User-Management or add them as an employee through the Employee Records Management.

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