How can I view my Employees’ Payslips?

How can I view my Employees’ Payslips?

Once payroll has been closed, your employees can view their payslips by logging into their Employee Self Service portal and going to the Payslip section.  Click here for more information.

As an admin, you also have access to your employees’ payslips.  Once payroll has been closed, go to Employees, click the employee whose payslip you want to view, then go to Payroll Data.  Click the green icon to the right of the payroll period you would like to view to download the employee’s payslip for that payroll period.

The payslip for the payroll period you selected will be available as a pdf file.

On the payslip, aside from employee earnings, you will see the Pay Run, Pay Period, Attendance Period covered, Employee information such as Employee ID and date hired, Employer contributions, and YTD information.

You can also download payslips in bulk.  Go to Payroll>Payslips.

Click the Date Range box to determine the date range for the payslips that you want to download.  You can select the Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month or a Custom Range.  Click Apply.

Click Download Payslips.

The payslips for all employees in all payroll groups for the Date Range that you have selected will be downloaded in a zip file.

You can also download payslips for your employees individually on this page by clicking the green icon next to their name.

If payroll has not yet been closed, you can access your employees payslips by going to their Pay Details page.  Go to Payroll and click the payroll group you want to access.

Select the employee you want to view.

On the upper left hand side of their Pay Details page, click Download Payslip.

The payslip will be available as a pdf file.

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