How Can I view and edit Day/Hour rates?

How Can I view and edit Day/Hour rates?

The Day/Hour Rates page determines the rate at which employees will be paid when working on a day that is a combination of a Day Type, Holiday Type and Time Type.  Typically, when working on a regular non-holiday within regular working hours, an employee is paid 100% of his daily rate.  For more information, please click here.

To view the default Day/Hour Rates, go to Company Setup>Payroll>Day/Hour Rates.

You can also edit these default rates to comply with your company policies.

Note: You should only edit your Day/Hour rates if you are familiar with Philippine labor laws.

Click the Day/Hour rate type you want to edit and the Edit Day Hour Rates form will pop up. Make the necessary changes to the rate and click Save.  Otherwise, click Cancel.



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