How can I update Leave Hours for Multiple Employees Simultaneously?

How can I update Leave Hours for Multiple Employees Simultaneously?

Admins can enter several employee leaves simultaneously to save time. Before proceeding, please ensure that at this point, you have already added employee Leaves and Leave Types, and now would want to update this information, to include leave dates. If you want to find out how to add employee leaves simultaneously, click here.  

To update, go to Employees > Employee Leaves.

Click the Mass Update Leaves button. A prompt box will pop up.

Click Choose File button to upload the CSV file. Once selected, the filename will appear next to the button. Click Upload.

If it’s your first time, click the Employee Leaves Upload : Field Guide button. A prompt box will pop up.

The field guide will contain the fields per employee that will need to be filled out. Click the Download Sample CSV File button to download the template. Use the template to record your the information you would like to update. A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text. Salarium will process the CSV file in its database.

When you are ready to upload, go to Employee > Employee Leaves. Click the Mass Update Employee Leaves button; then, upload the file when prompted.

Once a file has been successfully uploaded, a prompt will appear "Employee Leaves successfully uploaded (Mass Update)"

Possible Errors

When uploading, you might encounter the following error messages:

  • Leave Type Not Found

You have entered a Leave Type in the CSV file that is not created and identified in the Settings Menu. To find out how to create Leave Types, click here.

  • Hours must be greater than zero

In the CSV file, you did not input any leave hours including entering the number 0. This indicates that the employee has no more remaining leave hours and will not be able to file for a leave. Please check and upload again.