How can I edit my Approval Groups?

How can I edit my Approval Groups?

Approval Workflows allows you to create Approval Groups, and then assign these Approval Groups to the following categories: 

  • Timesheet – sets the Approver for time in and time out requests
  • Leave – sets the Approver for Leave requests
  • Expense – sets the Approver for Expense requests
  • Loans – sets the Approver for Loan requests
  • Overtime – sets the Approver for Overtime requests.

When a request for any of the above is made, the Approver can then accept or reject the request. These approvals or rejections can be found on the Dashboard of the Employee Self Service page.

To edit your Approval Groups, go to Company Setup > Automation > Workflows

Click the Approval Group you would like to edit.

Edit as necessary.  To change the Approval Group Nameenter the new name in the field

Note: When editing the Approval Group Name, please ensure that it is not currently used by another Approval Group. An error message will pop up if the new Approval Group Name already exists.

To add Approvers to the Approval Group, type in the name of the employee in the Search Employees field and hit Enter. They will be added as an Approver to the Group. Once you have added all of the necessary approvers to the Approval Group, click Save.

Note: Approvals are done in order, starting from Approver 1.  When Approver 1 has made the approval, it passes on to Approver 2 for approval.  For more information on the approval process of requests, click here.

After clicking Save, you will be led back to the Workflows section, and you can see the changes you have made. 

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