How can I download Bank Advice and Bank Files?

How can I download Bank Advice and Bank Files?

After payroll has been closed, you can now download bank advice and bank files to process your payroll disbursement.

Go to Payroll>Bank.  Here, you can download bank advice documents, which you can present to your bank for salary disbursement, or bank text files, which you can upload directly into your bank's management systems.

A sample bank advice document is as follows:

A sample bank file is as follows:

Note: Bank files are only available for BDO and Unionbank.

You can also find Bank Advice documents and Bank Files when you close payroll.  Go to Payroll and click the Payroll Details icon for the payroll group you would like to view bank documents for.

The buttons to download the Bank Advice document and the Bank File will be in the upper right hand side of the page.

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