How can I create Employee Ranks?

How can I create Employee Ranks?

You can set up a ranking system to determine hierarchy in the company. Ranks are important when defining leave entitlements and tardiness rules.

To Create Employee Ranks go to Company Setup>Organizational Structure>Ranks.

Click Add RankThe Add Ranks box will pop up.

Fill in the details and click Add. Otherwise, click Cancel.

You will be led back to the Company Setup page.

Now that you have set up the Rank Types of your employees, you are ready to assign leave entitlements and tardiness rules. For more information on leave entitlements, click here. For more information on tardiness rules, click here.

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      Once you have created Employee Ranks, you can edit them.   Go to Company Setup>Organizational Structure>Ranks. To edit the Ranks, click the Rank.  The Edit Rank box will pop up.  Make the necessary edits and click Save.  Otherwise, click Cancel.  
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