How can I assign Shifts to my Employees through the Employees Tab?

How can I assign Shifts to my Employees through the Employees Tab?

Shifts can be assigned to your employees through the Employees tab. Another way is through the 201 file. Click here for more information.

Note: To assign shifts, make sure you have created the Shift Types to be selected later. Click here for more information.

To assign shifts to your employees through the Employees tab, click Employees>Shifts.

Click Add Employee Shift. The form will pop up.

Fill out the details.

  • Employee Name – select the employee to be assigned to the shift.
  • Monday to Sunday – select the types of shift per day based on created shifts.
  • Valid From – the start date of the shift.
  • Valid To – the end date of the shift.

Note: The fields marked with an asterisk are required.

After filling out the details, click Add. Otherwise, click CancelA message will appear to inform you have added the shift successfully.  After clicking Add, the data will be saved. You will be led back to the Employees page.

Note: The system cannot support multiple shifts for one employee in one day.  If the shifts are connected, you will need to create one long shift for the employee.


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